Tribal Law

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Tribal Law

An award-winning Australian Romance Readers novel

What if you could control what happened in your romance novel?

Well, I sat down with a great group of readers to find out exactly what they liked to see in a story. I made notes, then wrote that story and gave it back to the readers (yes, I GAVE it back to them). All the proceeds from the sale  of this book goes back to the Australian Romance Readers Association, to help with reader resources.

So many suggestions – from what the hero and heroine looked like, to character names, strengths, flaws and deep personal issues, as well as the genre and the kind of cover they liked to see on their book; the readers told me what they wanted. Then I, with the help of the TWC PRESS team, collated all the information and wrote that story.

Now, you can read it! Buy a copy of Tribal Law, and help support readers.

Here is the blurb:

In a story inspired by readers, for readers, Shannon Curtis creates a world suggested by members of the Australian Romance Readers Association, bringing together passion, adventure, miscreants and magick in a unique paranormal romance—where a junior lawyer gets more than she bargained for, defending her darkly dangerous yet seductive client.

When a miscreant patient unexpectedly dies in his dental surgery, Ryder Galen knows two things: he didn’t murder the alpha wolf, and he’s dead meat unless he can prove his innocence—before the dead alpha’s pack kill him in retribution. Handing himself in to the Reform authorities should buy him some time to track down the real killer, with the help of his lawyer …

Half-blood vampire Vassiliki Verity has inherited a secret gift from her human side of the family—a truthseeking ability that enables her to tell when someone is lying to her. Not so good on the dating scene, but very effective in dealing with criminals. Her latest client, though, is an interesting mix of honesty and secrecy, and while she knows he’s lying, her conscience won’t allow her to throw him to the wolves. But how can she trust a man who can seduce her with his lies?

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2015 ARRA finalist (1)


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