The Bold and The Beautiful

Step inside the glamorous world of the Forrester family and their chic fashion house, Forrester Creations. From the screen to the page, these are off-screen stories of the characters we all know and have come to love.

Collision Course


Collision CourseBill can’t get the plane crash out of his head. Flashbacks and nightmares plague his sleep, and his only escape is a bottle of Scotch. He’s fooled everyone with his bravado – everyone except Taylor, who realises he has post-traumatic stress disorder. She tricks him into accompanying her to a PTSD clinic and, slowly, Bill begins to see that he needs Taylor’s help. Brooke is furious they are spending so much time together. For Bill is finding Taylor – a woman who seems to be his antithesis – generous and loving. But can Taylor ever trust Bill with her heart?

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StormsweptShe’s jinxed when it comes to relationships.

That’s what Hope believes as she ends another engagement.
Travelling to Australia for a fashion shoot is just the break she needs – even if it means getting up close and very personal with former flame, Oliver.
For Oliver, a sailing trip in a tropical paradise is the opportunity to convince the woman he loves to give him a second chance.
But when Hope and Oliver are stranded on a desert island, they are soon battling the elements, and their passion for each other.

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Sunset Love

The Bold and The Beautiful

The Bold and The Beautiful

Thorne has turned his back on Forrester Creations and headed for his Texas ranch.

Brooke is bereft. She is already feeling out of control and misses Thorne’s guidance.
Determined to convince him he has made a mistake, she visits the ranch. But there, she discovers a very different Thorne.
Suddenly, everything she thought she knew about life and love is turned upside down.

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