Once Upon A Crime Series

When Fairy Godmother Enforcers are charged with the duty of ensuring the modern characters still experiences their fairy tale, it should be pretty simple.

Throw in a mischievous imp with a score to settle, an enforcer who doesn’t believe in her own Happy Ever After,  a klutzy FGE cadet and a sprinkle of modern crime, and it’s soon clear that where the Fairy Isle is concerned, nothing is ever as it seems…


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Melanie wants to get incriminating information on her evil stepfather and she’ll get it – even if it means giving in to an odious toad’s demands. Cole is undercover, and when the opportunity arises for him to get closer to the criminal he’s investigating using the man’s beautiful stepdaughter, he grabs it.

Esmerelda is a Fairy Godmother Enforcer charged with getting the Frog Prince fairytale back on track. But fate has saddled her with a partner, and Rumpelstiltskin – with his sexy bad boy swagger – has a hidden agenda of his own.

Enamoured Excerpt.


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EnrapturedGabriel Martin was shot by his boss, and now he’s unemployed and unhappy. Furthermore, he has to deal with a continuous parade of in-home carers who just can’t seem to get his treatment right. Physiotherapist Bella Tompkins just wants to do her job in order to pay off her debts. A grumpy client is the least of her problems.

Neither of them is aware that there’s more going on than a rocky client-practitioner relationship. In the land of Fantasia, Esmerelda — Fairy Godmother Enforcer — and Rumpelstiltskin are working frantically to make sure that their beastly charge gets his fairytale ending. It should be a simple task, but nothing is ever as it seems on the Fairy Isle, where dark forces are rising, the consequences are dire, and Esmerelda has only an accident-prone fairy and an untrustworthy imp for help.

With the stakes rising ever higher, can Gabe and Bella get it together to save both their happy ending and the world?

Enraptured Excerpt.

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